Customer support

Customer support

If you ever have any questions , please reach out to us by email [email protected] or call us 970-349-2446. We are a tiny operation and will reply ASAP. 

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  • Why are you called Chopwood Mercantile?

    A close friend came up with the name and it stuck. It comes from the Zen Proverb "Before enlightenment, chop woodcarry water. After enlightenment, chop wood,carry water."  We added on Mercantile to give us the freedom to sell whatever we wanted in the old timey mercantile way. 

    Yes - we sell Hults Bruk axes. 

  • Why are all your items not online?

    We are a small store with inventory that changes rapidly. So we have decided to focus our time and $$ on in-store experience. We focus Online sales of items unique to Chopwood Mercantile. We also do have some of our most popular products listed through - You can purchase through there for an in-store pickup or contact us directly if you want something shipped to you. We will still ship free for orders over $75. 

  • What's your favorite bike ride?

    Trail 401, Teocalli Ridge, CBMR, Snodgrass, Lupine check out CBMBA for some exploring. There are lots of good ones. Swing in, let's pull that map out and pick the sweetest ride for that day.

  • Where should we eat?

    The best part is is that you can't really go wrong and it's hard to choose. If there was a bad place, it wouldn't last. Breakfast favorite: McGills or Paradise Cafe. Lunch Favorite: Teocalli Tamale or The Last Steep Dinner: The Sunflower - for amazing food and customer service and date night. Lil's for Sushi. 

    Other favorites:

    Ryce, Bonez, The Secret Stash, Brick Oven, Montanyas, Kocheavers (happy hour)

    But really - you can't go wrong - would could list every restaurant here as you will find us supporting all of them. It's our community of friends and all locally owned/operated. 


  • Where should we hike?

    Everywhere of course! It all depends on the time of year. Swing into the shop or call us and we'll give you some hot spots. Our favorite hike is West Maroon Pass, but looking for just a quick town hike or day hike, swing in and let's look at the map.

  • Do you sell maps?

    YES - and we will go over them with you!

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