Live Your Passion

In the days of the old mercantile model, stores were as much about gathering as they were about getting what you need. Our store was founded on that premise: We don't have to carry everything, just the good stuff. And we don't need to be that store you don't feel good about lingering. 

We've been around Crested Butte retail a very long time. And we know it's the lifeblood of any town, and our guests mean the world to us. Good stores will smile when you come in. Better stores will help you find that perfect "thing". 

The best stores? Those are the stores that you don't forget. They told you what you need to have a great day even in the pouring rain. Where to be on the mountain with your family or your dogs. Or the best route for a townie cruise with friends.

It's that store that leaves you feeling like you've known the owners for decades.

It's no surprise what our mission is. Sure, we're here to outfit you with the things WE ourselves wear, and we feel strongly about the brands we carry and can't wait to show you what we've brought in for the season.

But, like those mercantile stores of old, we're happy when our customers tell us why they're here, and what will make their day, their trip or season even better and how we can help. If it's a hand-drawn map and a smile they leave with, we're okay with that, too. Because friends always come back.

Live your passion.

—Chopwood Crew